Self-Funded Students

As an international student you are required to make an advance payment of 50% towards your tuition fees at the time of applying to study at the University of Dundee.

You can make payment of your full fees or the advance payment through My Balance @ Dundee or by bank transfer, for more details see 'How to Make Payment' below.

The balance of your tuition fees becomes due when you matriculate. You can again make payment of the balance of your fees through My Balance @ Dundee or by bank transfer; you may also pay the balance of your fees, with a total value of more than £400, in 7 instalments by Direct Debit. Direct Debit allows regular payments to be made from a UK bank account and cannot be set up on an International bank account. See 'How to Make Payment' below.

Fees Unpaid After 28 Days
If you have not paid your tuition fees in full or arranged to pay by Direct Debit instalments within 28 days of matriculation you will be liable to pay a late payment fee of 3.5% on your tuition fee. The precise level of the late payment fee depends upon the amount of your tuition fees. For example, an overdue fee of £4,500 will incur a late payment fee of £157.50 (maximum charge £400).

In the event that you default on any of the payments due under your instalment plan, the University reserves the right to cancel the instalment plan, which will result in your fees becoming due in full immediately and a late payment fee being applied.

The consequences of non- payment of your tuition fees are:

  • your access to University facilities e.g. Library and IT Services, will be revoked
  • you will be withdrawn from your studies e.g. unable to receive tuition and sit exams
  • your funding body will be advised of your student status being revoked
  • if you are a Tier 4 Visa holder, being in debt to the University is breach of your Visa conditions. The UK Visa and Immigration (UKVI) will be notified that we are no longer sponsoring your Visa, which will result in your Visa being invalid and you will be required to return home.
  • you will not receive your degree certificate
  • your details will be passed to a debt collection agency

Funded Students

If your fees are to be paid by an employer or other sponsor, then please ensure you bring your letter of funding to matriculation. Only an organisation such as a company will be regarded as a sponsor. You will be regarded as self-funding if your fees are paid by a member of your family or any other individual such as a family friend.

Be aware that you are responsible for ensuring your fees are paid in full and on time. If we have not received payment of your fees from your sponsor within 3 months of matriculation, then you will be billed directly. In the event that the University does not receive full payment from your sponsor, for example, where bank charges have been deducted from the amount paid by your sponsor, you will be liable to pay the difference. You will be notified of any shortfall or non-payment by the Cash Office. The University will not pursue any sponsor for amounts of £100 or less; therefore, all charges and postgraduate continuation of study fees are payable by the student. It is your responsibility to pursue your sponsor for any fees or bank charges you consider to be your sponsor's liability.

How to Make Payment

You can make payment of your contribution/fees by any of the methods detailed below. Your sponsor can only make payment in full.

Enquiries concerning payment should be directed to the Cash Office by email or by telephone +44 (0)1382 388911.

My Balance @ Dundee

We will email you to let you know when your tuition fee invoice is available on your account, when it is due for payment within 7 days or becomes overdue, it is therefore essential that you regularly check your University email account for our correspondence.

Log in to your eVision account and click on My Balance @ Dundee. If the tuition fee information shown on My Balance @ Dundee does not take account of Scholarships and Sponsorship then please check your Student Profile to see if we are aware of your funding. If your funding information is not shown in Student Profile then please contact Registry by email at

To make a payment before your fee is shown on your My Balance @ Dundee account -

          Select the button ‘Make a pre-payment/deposit’ which allows payment by debit or credit card for advance payments.

Once your fee is displayed on your My Balance @ Dundee account -

          Select the button ‘Make a payment or choose payment plan’ which offers the following options –

  • View items you can pay now – full payment by debit or credit card
  • View items you can pay by instalments - Paperless Direct Debit (Instalment plan). Fees of £400 or more can be paid by instalments from your UK bank account. The direct debit instalment plan consists of 7 monthly payments from mid-October until mid-April for an annual tuition fee or 3 monthly payments for a module fee.

Once you’ve decided which option is right for you just follow the instructions on the screen.

Full payment can also be made by International or UK bank transfer. Information on paying by bank transfer is given below.

Payment in Full

International Bank Transfer

If you do not have a UK bank account you can pay your fees and deposits securely in your own currency through your own bank account, with no currency conversion fees, bank charges and with beneficial exchange rates.  Visit both of the links shown below to find the best rates for you.

Western Union logo

Pay to study logo

UK Bank Transfer
Payment can be made from your UK bank account.

For all transfers your bank will require the following information:

Currency & Amount quote the GBP tuition fee amount
Payment details it is important that we can identify whose fees are being paid when the money is received therefore please quote the full name, beginning with your family name and the University’s student ID number
Beneficiary’s Name University of Dundee
Address Nethergate, Dundee, DD1 4HN
Bank Royal Bank of Scotland plc, 3 High Street, Dundee, DD1 9LY, UK
Sort Code 835000
Account Number 00279759
IBAN GB60RBOS83500000279759

Bank Transfer - Important Information
You also need to instruct your bank that all charges (including those of the beneficiary’s bank) are paid by the sender. Any difference between the fee and the amount received will have to be paid by you. Please retain your copy of the bank transfer document as it may be necessary for you to prove to the University that you have made the correct payment.