How to submit in 4 key steps – please read as we have recently changed our practice for submission

1. Before Submitting

  • Check that your event has not been submitted and is already on
  • If your event is part of a series, please only submit one event but include all the dates and information within the ‘Additional Information’ section.

2. What we need – make sure you have the following key information

  • Event Title 
  • Organiser & contact details
  • Short description 
  • Full description – including links 
  • Start date and time 
  • End date and time 
  • What type of event is it (please select from the categories) 
  • A map location link (
  • Location (Building and room) 
  • Cost of ticket or Free 
  • Booking link 
  • Your contact details 
  • Any additional information (If you would like promotion on the University social media, you need to write the posts and state which platforms)

3. What will happen with the details you submit?

  • You will receive a copy of your submission via email from Internal Comms – if editorial changes are needed we will suggest them to you. 
  • Please double check all information we send, and then reply to our email to confirm you are happy. 
  • Please supply any images you wish to be displayed on the event page or for further promotion in your email reply. A landscape images of 1920x1080px is needed if you wish for your event to feature on the TV screens on campus. 
  • Internal Comms will need you to supply any text for your event to be promoted on social media only 140 characters for Twitter.

4. What next?

  • Once approved, the event will be displayed on
  • The ‘short description’ that you provide will form the text in the ‘Weekly What’s On’ email sent on a Friday to all staff and students. The event will appear in every ‘Weekly What’s On’ until the event has passed.
  • You can email with any alterations once the event has been approved. 
  • If your event is a School event please ensure your School Marketing Officer is aware so that they can assist in publicising the event.

Now please submit your event 

Submission Form

Submission Form


Compulsory *


  1. A descriptive title - to entice attendees. Ideally max five/six words.

  1. The person or department/school/group which will appear on the full listing

  1. These may be shown if appropriate

  1. 160 characters (letters/spaces) / 20 words max. This needs to summarise the event, and standalone from the full details. There is no need to repeat the title, but you may wish to add the details of a speaker or target audience here.

  1. Full detailed information about the event, the presenters, target audience, and background. You may wish to repeat the extract here. Also include relevant web links, e.g. to the speaker’s web page, or cross link to a school, course, or research group. We will add any necessary formatting.




  1. Select one or more from the list below

    Global Room
    Open Days
    Public Events
    Revealing Research
Location/Ticket Details
  1. Is the event location on campus map?
  2. Yes No

  1. If the event is in a University building, please choose from the list below. It will then appear on the University campus map, too.

  1. For university buildings, add the room number/name.

    Please give the name & address of the location.

    Please give the web link of the location.

  1. Up to 25 characters only. If this is complex with alternatives, please provide short information here, and give the full pricing details under “Any Additional Information”

  1. Web link to buy/order tickets if there is one

Your Details

  1. This won’t be shown

  1. This won’t be shown, it's so we can contact you

  1. This won’t be shown, it's so we can contact you

  1. Use this space to provide background information to tell us

    • - anything you are doing to promote this event
    • - if you are promoting this via your own social media
    • - if you need us to write any tweets or Facebook posts on your behalf
    • - add anything else you can’t fit in elsewhere

If you wish to share your communication plan for this event, please submit the form, and then email with this plan