Philip Ball: Natural Patterns to Self Organisation
Best-selling science writer Philip Ball will give a lecture on how D'Arcy Thompson's work has helped scientists understand natural patterns and organisation
'Distress and Despair, Guiding Listening'-Seminar
Jo Ahern, Director of Dundee Samaritans will deliver a seminar hosted by the Tayside Suicide Research Network
The Enterprise Challenge
We are on a mission to improve the self-reliance and employability of our participants and to support those who wish to start their own business
bubble, bulge, bleb
An exhibition of spirals, spheres and waves in art inspired by naturally occurring mathematical forms and computer-generated abstractions
Athena SWAN Annual Lecture
Jenny Garrett presents: Unlimited By Gender Disadvantage can work both ways
Life Without God?
Join Sheikh Muhammad Javad Shomali, our guest speaker, to explore the question 'Life Without God?'
The Peter Garland Lecture 2017 “The future role of mass spectrometry in biology”
Professor Dame Carol Robinson, The University of Oxford, “The future role of mass spectrometry in biology”
TCELT Research Methods Seminar
Dr Fernando Fernandes, school of Education and Social Work will present: Peripheral Epistemologies