Complex understanding of prebirth assessment in high risk situations and explores the necessary knowledge and skill needs of staff
Part of the PAR Psychotrauma Advocacy and Resiliency Seminar Series.
Lunchtime concert - Students from the University of St Andrews
Friday lunchtime concert (free)
How to Ace Strength-Based Interviews: FDM Group
Build your confidence in Strength-Based Interviews: FDM Group
Seminar on masculinity and suicide
Charlotte Starkey, PhD student in Psychology, will deliver a seminar hosted by the Tayside Suicide Research Network (
University Chamber Choir
University Chamber Choir performing "the little match girl passion"
Plant Printing Workshop
Come and see the beautiful forms and pigments of our wild flowers by learning a very simple and easy plant printing technique with DJCAD artist Tina Scopa
Exploring our own Backyard: Local plants and habitats in Dundee’s Botanic Garden
Highlighting the native plants area at the Botanic Garden
Get The Dundee Plus Award
Get recognition for all the extra-curricular activities you’ve done since coming to Dundee. Get the Dundee Plus Award.