Beyond Skin Exhibition

Beyond Skin is an exhibition of contemporary art that explores the life and science behind atopic eczema, considering the challenging symptoms that people live with every day and the investigations into the unseen and human side of skin genetic research.

Featuring interactive and reflective works of art for all ages by artists Gordon Douglas, Trevor Gordon, Beverley Hood and Josie Vallely, and presented with objects from the collections of the University of Dundee. The exhibition draws on participatory workshops with Eczema Outreach Scotland and current research taking place in the laboratory led by Prof Sara Brown at the University of Dundee’s School of Medicine.

Beyond Skin is supported by the Wellcome Trust, University of Dundee's School of Medicine and The Arts and Ethics Research Group at the University of Edinburgh and is a partnership between LifeSpace: Science Art Research Gallery, ASCUS Art & Science, Prof Sara Brown at the University of Dundee and Eczema Outreach Scotland.


Runs June to 2nd September