Citizen Science - We Want Your Soil!

Did you know that a single teaspoon of a healthy garden soil can hold up to one billion bacteria?


Provide a sample to learn about your own soil bacteria and help scientist Nicola Stanley-Wall in the School of Life Sciences in her research into these bacterial communities! Collect 2 tablespoons of your garden soil or well-rotted compost into a sandwich bag. We will process the samples together and you will get pictures of your own bacteria and information about them.


PLANT’s gardener will also be on hand to answer your questions about improving your garden soil.


Garden Access: The Garden is located at the end of Pond Ln. and car access is restricted ( Please come on foot or by bike. Parking is available opposite the tennis courts on Queen St. For disabled access contact Jessie on 07986806847.


Families are welcome.


Refreshments provided.