Scottish Chess Championships and International Open

This summer, the University plays host to a major International Chess Tournament when 10 top Grandmasters from across Europe will compete in an all-play-all event.

The Grandmaster tournament is being held in the Bonar Hall of the University and is sponsored by 4J Studios. The event is being held to celebrate 150 years since the world- famous International Chess Tournament that was held in Dundee in 1867.

The Grandmaster games will be held in the Bonar Hall each afternoon and can also be viewed live online. Members of the public are welcome to attend the event where they can see some of the very best chess players in Europe as well as follow the games on giant screens.

At the same time as the Grandmaster tournament is taking place, players from across Scotland with compete in the Bonar Hall for the Scottish Chess Championships. In addition to the main tournaments, a  number of other chess events will be taking place to cater for all ages and abilities. 


Any staff or students who are taking part - please let us know -