The Student Support Advisor and her team of Student Support Assistants are here to help ensure the best possible student residential community experience.

We achieve this by offering support and guidance and organising planned events and activities to create a community environment that all our students can be part of and proud of.

Student welfare and wellbeing is very important to us and students are encouraged to meet with the Student Support Advisor in confidence to discuss any issues, worries or concerns they may have, whether relating to their studies, wellbeing, welfare, living environment, or anything else at all. An early meeting with a sympathetic ear can help towards resolving a problem quickly. There is a wide range of available support across campus and the Student Support Advisor can help signpost students towards the most appropriate service.

We encourage our students to have a fun experience while at University, and wish them to be able to do so safely and responsibly. To ensure that all can enjoy a positive community experience without being disadvantaged by the behaviour of others, the Student Support Advisor, as a University Authorised Officer, will deal with any conduct or misconduct that arises in Residences as a discipline issue under the guidelines of the University Ordnance 40 student discipline code.

Remember the golden rule of Our Community: Have a worry and not sure who to ask? Ask the Student Support Advisor – email for appointment or call into the Enquiry Centre.

Student Support Assistants

Our Residences Community is supported by a dedicated team of senior students (Student Support Assistants) who are also resident in Halls. Our Student Support Assistants all have good experience of life on campus to help ensure that our residents have the best student experience possible. We understand that living away from home - particularly for the first time - can be challenging, and our Student Support Assistants will be on hand to make the transition from home to University accommodation much smoother.

Your Student Support Assistant will visit your flat around once a month to answer any questions the flatmates may have, to help with any problems and to keep everyone in the flat up to date with events and activities on campus and around the city.

You can also speak to your Student Support Assistant personally in complete confidence about whatever is on your mind. If you're experiencing financial difficulties, feeling anxious or stressed, having a conflict with other students, need some support with a disability or would just like to talk with someone who can listen, our friendly and approachable Student Support Assistants can help advise and also signpost you in the right direction to access the wide range of support services on campus.


Overnight there is security provided by Sanctuary Students for all University Halls of Residence. There is a 24-hour telephone helpline, so if you should encounter a problem late at night a member of the Security Team will be happy to attend and help.